Complete bathroom

Enhance the look of your bathroom with our complete bathroom construction and renovation services. No matter what style you want, our construction and renovation experts can make it happen. Renovating or building a bathroom can be complicated. It's important to choose quality materials and innovative products to transform this room into the bathroom of your dreams. Our team of professionals at Construction Jonathan Picard will take the time to understand your needs so that your new bathroom will be pleasant and functional for you.

Complete insulation

Is your home not keeping you warm in colder weather, and your electricity bill only going up? Are you in the process of building your dream home and have reached the insulation stage? Our construction and renovation experts are here to insulate your home, whether from the inside or the outside. We also insulate your roof, floors and windows. Having a well-insulated home also helps reduce environmental impact by limiting greenhouse gas emissions.

Gypsum installation

Once you've insulated your home, it's time to install gypsum or drywall. The walls and ceilings of your home are essential, and it's important that they be impeccably made and installed. Gypsum installation involves cutting sheets of gypsum, installing the sheets on ceilings and walls, anchoring them with nails or screws and finishing, which means covering the joints. That's why it's important to work with construction and renovation professionals to install gypsum in your home.

Floor installation

Are your floors worn out or do you want to give your property a makeover? Don't worry, the Construction Jonathan Picard team offers floor installation services. We can install ceramic, floating, vinyl, hardwood, engineered or other types of flooring in any room of your home. For impeccable floors, do business with a team of renovation experts.

Moulding installation

We offer moulding installation services. We measure your walls, calculate the proportions, cut and install them. We know all the tricks of the trade for impeccable moulding installation. At Construction Jonathan Picard, we not only install mouldings for your walls, but also for your ceilings, windows and doors. It shows when you do business with experts in the fields of construction and renovation.

Door installation

Doors are an important part of any home or building. It's crucial that they're properly installed. A well-installed door guarantees security, thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as the aesthetics of the building. Our team of construction and renovation experts can take measurements and advise you on the type of door best suited to your needs.

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