Commercial work

Interior Systems

Construction Jonathan Picard offers complete interior system construction services for your buildings. From soundproofing and insulation to gypsum installation, joint pulling and plastering, our team will make sure your building lives up to your expectations. These finishing stages are crucial to achieving the most aesthetically optimal end result possible, but also for everyone's comfort. This service also includes the installation of mouldings, partitions and suspended ceilings.

Metal Framing

When you hear the term metal framing, we're actually referring to any structural element made of steel or metal that forms the load-bearing structure of a building: beams, columns, piles, and so on. For your commercial building, metal framing offers a number of major advantages. These include strength and durability, construction flexibility, rapid construction, lightness and economy, and fire resistance. For all your commercial needs, call Construction Jonathan Picard.

Installing Fire-Resistant Gypsum

A fire can easily ravage a building, and that means you have to do your building's construction all over again. Damage can be prevented and minimized by installing fire-resistant gypsum board, also known as drywall. These gypsum sheets are more resistant to fire, since they contain fiberglass reinforcements and other additives to offer greater resistance to flames. Choose fire-resistant gypsum for your commercial buildings from our team of construction and renovation experts.

Joint Plastering

Joint plastering, or joint finishing, is a delicate construction process that involves finishing the installation of gypsum board. Its purpose is to create a surface that is smooth and uniform, so that it forms straight walls or ceilings, ready for painting or decorating. The joint plastering process consists of several stages, including: joint preparation, application of joint compound, successive coats, finishing and smoothing, and finally, inspection and touch-up. For impeccable walls and ceilings, do business with Construction Jonathan Picard. Our experts will take pleasure in making your buildings unique and flawless.

Complete Insulation

Your commercial building needs perfect insulation, just like your home. To ensure energy efficiency, your comfort and that of your customers, and to reduce heating and cooling costs, it's a good idea to insulate your building: roof insulation, wall insulation, door and window insulation, floor insulation and ventilation duct insulation are all important steps in construction and renovation. At Construction Jonathan Picard, we have the experts to meet all your insulation needs.

Suspended Ceiling Installation

Are you in the process of building or renovating your commercial building and considering a suspended ceiling? Suspended ceilings offer many advantages: aesthetics, concealment of imperfections, acoustic insulation, thermal insulation and, above all, ease of access. In fact, should you ever need to replace a damaged part of your suspended ceiling, there's no need to tear it all down and start again. Our team of experts at Construction Jonathan Picard offers suspended ceiling installation services right where you need them.

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